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Penzu Classic Shutdown

After several years of keeping Penzu Classic, the older version of the website, online, we have migrated it into our core platform at

The Penzu Classic features haven’t been officially supported since the launch of our new website back in 2017. Now, due to low usage and security concerns around its ageing infrastructure which have become difficult to maintain, we feel it is time for Penzu Classic to ride off into the sunset.

Our primary website and mobile apps will continue to operate as usual, and all of your data will remain safely stored by us. You can access your account and continue journaling at any time by logging in to our main website ( or our mobile apps (iOS, Android).

If you were previously using Penzu Classic, the only change you need to make it to start logging in to your account at instead of

Going forward we will be laser-focused on improving the experience, maintaining the security, and providing new features to our community on these main platforms.