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Help, I locked my journal but I've just logged in and now it's unlocked

Penzu journal locking works exactly the same as the lock on your front door. When you leave, you lock the door, and it stays locked until you come back and unlock it. If you leave again and forget to lock the door, it will be unlocked when you arrive back home. 

For those who don't want to be bothered by unlocking / locking their journals, we've added autolock, which automatically re-locks your journals whenever you leave the site. Some people like the convenience of this, and some people prefer the added security of choosing a new password every time they leave the site. You can do whatever works best for you!  

If you locked your journal, and then logged back in to find it unlocked, you need to do one of two things: 

1. Turn on Auto Lock: The auto-lock feature ensures that your journal is always locked by automatically locking your journal every time you leave the site. If you do not enable auto lock you will be required to manually re-lock your journal before you leave Penzu. This option is only available for Basic Locking, and not for Encryption Locking.

2. Manually Re-Lock your journal every time you leave Penzu: If you don't want to use auto-lock you'll need to manually re-lock your journal every time you leave the site, much as you manually re-lock your door every time you leave your house. The benefits of re-locking on logout mean that you can set a new password each time, giving you even tighter security.